So, the other night, I went with a group of friends to Las Vegas to celebrate the launch of the song [“Chains”] including the producer of the song, Jason Evigan; my buddy Mike Posner, who is awesome, a fantastic writer. He [Mike Posner] and I wrote a couple of songs for my record. – Nick Jonas (Livestream – July 30, 2014)

Nick Jonas had some nice words to say about our boy Mike Posner last night during a Livestream online chat with his fans. He also said they wrote a couple of songs together for his (Nick) forthcoming album. Oh, I hope that Mike is featured on at least one of those songs. That would be so awesome!

I gotta say, I’m a new Nick Jonas fan. I love the direction he’s decided to go musically. I truly think that R&B is a perfect fit for him. It works! He sounds really great on his new single “Chains”.

Can Mike Posner & Nick Jonas go on TOUR together already? I’m serious! Somebody, make that happen. Please. :)

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*ignores age difference between me and my celebrity crushes*

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2 years old kid: *runs*
family: looks like he's going to be an athlete


Nick Jonas Bulge!!!

Words Can’t Describe How Sexy I Find Nick Jonas Right Now.


I just heard Nick’s new single and found out Demi is gonna duet with him on one of the songs off his new solo album.

First time since Camp Rock.

Fuck. Me. Sideways.


Nick Jonas’s new song is good
Hell yeah


Hot Damn…


Hot Damn…